IHC is a child welfare agency that places children in therapeutic foster homes for temporary care or in prospective adoptive homes for adoption.
Legal Authority: O.C.G.A. §§ 49-5-12, 49-5-12.1, 49-2-17, 49-5-3, 49-5-8, and 49-5-60 et seq.



(In partnership with THE Village, we at IHC provide facilities which either primarily or incidentally provides full-time room, board and watchful oversight to six or more children through 18 years of age outside of their own homes.


Take back control of your health. Call today and schedule an appointment for your annual check-up. Having regular visits to a doctor can help find and diagnose problems before they start. When problems are found early often chances for treatment or cure are better.

A physical is a routine part of any doctor visit. Having reassurance that you are as healthy as you feel can be quite comforting. Blood, urine, vision, and hearing tests are also vital. We encourage our clients to ask many questions and to answer as many of ours as possible. Good communication with your doctor can help create a more accurate medical history and address any concerns.

By coming in for a check-up we evaluate your health needs and schedule the proper tests and screenings required for treatment.

Let us help you live a longer and healthier life!


Our experienced therapists and counselors are here for you. All sessions are confidential and don’t let the popular misconception that only “crazy” people or “damaged” individuals need therapy stop you from seeking help.

“Beginning therapy can be a big step toward being the healthiest version of yourself and living the best life possible—no matter what challenges you may be facing.”

Therapy doesn’t and shouldn’t always be one on one depending on the type of therapy required. Family and Couples therapy can aid you in getting the healing process started in damaged relationships.


Most companies can’t afford not to test their employees in the world today. Lost productivity, property damage, and accidents are just some of the reasons employers need to ensure that they provide a drug free work environment.

With over 6% of the US population over 12 having abused drugs within the past month how can you afford to gamble on your new hires being drug free?

Outsourcing your drug testing needs provide an efficient way to screen employees without having to worry about fair testing practices, payroll and training for an in-house employee, or having to maintain testing equipment and their incurred costs.


Crisis Intervention
Intensive Case Management
Individual and/or Family Counseling
Training Rehabilitative Support/ Vocational Rehab
Individual, Family, and Group Therapy.
Behavioral Assessments***
School Issues
Emotional/ Behavioral Issues
***Assessments include: Medical/ Dental/ Psychological/ Educational/ Family Assessment
WRAP AROUND SERVICES include but not limited to:
PUP/ Homestead
In Home Intensive Therapy
Supervised Visitations
Parent Aide
Drug Screening ( Urine/Hair )
Anger Management
Parental Fitness Assessments
Home Evaluations/ Home Study
IMPACT Training
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