Integrated Health Center of Georgia is an organization founded on the belief that health care is not only for the benefit of the wealthy. Since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 IHC of Georgia believes that we can assist in providing health care for the uninsured or under insured. We also aim to provide exceptional health care to all clients regardless of their financial status, mental status, or prior history.

Behavior and Mental Health are two of our main focuses, not only do we find physical health important, but mental health is a key factor in providing the exceptional care that we strive to offer. We believe in removing all obstacles for our clients whether it be mental, financial, social, or legal in order to help.

Our services are tailored to the communities we serve. We believe that being in the community with our clients make our services more accessible.

In addition to health care, IHC of Georgia has also taken an interest in the issues associated with foster care and the

barriers that prevent the reunification of foster kids with their biological parents.

Working with the local county DHS offices IHC of Georgia also assists case managers by providing the needed care and services for foster children to have more than just some semblance of a normal and healthy childhood.

Our staff of experienced professionals all share the common goal of aiding our communities. Our business model is simple, do everything we can.

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